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The race in Humpolec is going to offer news.

In less than a month starts the first race of Czech championship in Humpolec.
It will be 20.-22.4.2018 as usually in Humpolec. The teams will come to SLAVIA Arena Pojišťovna on Friday. „The tests start at 14:00 oꞌclock and 2 hours later technical checks. The office will be also open. On Saturday since 9:45 oꞌclock there will be the first practice training and we will be able to hear the first voices of engines. The second training will be at 13:30 oꞌclock. The first heat of all categories will be at 15:15 oꞌclock. The second heat of Racerbuggy and Kartscross are planned at 18:00 oꞌclock. The other categories will have to wake up a little bit earlier on Sunday, because their second heat starts at 8:00 oꞌclock. The last heat will start at 9:45 oꞌclock. The semifinals and finals rounds start at 12:30 oꞌclock.“ Said the chairman of AMK Zálezí Josef Špaček. And he continues: „Speactator can not only look forward to perfect autocross but also the biggest surprise which is the new professional sound system in our area from Tomáš Ouředníček from The Music DATA company who made the speacial sound systém for us. As ussualy there will be the speactator competition with interesting prices. There will be many stalls with food, drinks and beer Bernard.

„The Starting list is full of many drivers. We already got 130 applications including the best driver ever Berd Stubbe! The category Super buggy will be very interesting. It looks that they will be devided in 3 groups. The new driver in Super buggy is the driver from Kartcross Tomáš Gomzjakov. The duble Czech champion of junior buggy Martin Kadlečík is changing to the Buggy 1600ccm. There will be together for example with European and Czech champion 2017 Petr Nikodem and with Milan Vaněk. In Humpole there will be so many cars that we had to make extra parking place for them.“ Other information about drivers we got from chief of paddock Mr. Pavel Musil. In conclusion he said about the interesting premiere in Czech championship, „Humpolec as the first race of season would welcome the new category. It is Division2, these are cars 3500ccm with FWD. It is mix of cars from Mazda RX3 over six-cylinder BMW 3,5 to the Peugeot 205 Turbo. Mr. Pavel Musil promises very interesting race weekend.

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